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Signature Chocolate Truffles Collection 12pcs

Signature Chocolate Truffles Collection 12pcs

Cube Truffles Chocolate Gift Box 16pcs

GODIVA Cube Truffles Collection - Packaged in a luxurious gift box brandishing signature Gold; the collection comes with the size of 6, 12, 16 & 24 pieces. Cube Truffles is an exquisite gift for life’s most special occasions.

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Inspired by the contrast between the soft, sensual qualities of premium chocolate and the multi-layered, angular precision of a cube; the new collection is a display of Godiva’s finely tuned chocolate mastery.Each of the cube-shaped morsels is filled with a melt-in-your-mouth, dual-layered ganache or praline filling and enrobed in a crisp chocolate shell and finished with a dusting of cocoa powder, a sprinkle of chocolate, or crunchy nut shavings.