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Icônes d'or Collection

Icônes d'or is a colourful sensorial soiree inspired by food art and rooted in a 90 year legacy of chocolate mastery

In an act of pure chocolate alchemy, GODIVA's ardent chef chocolatiers, Jean Apostolou and Ilse Wilmots have created a colourful, sensorial collection inspired by the culinary food art trend. A stylish meeting between past and present, Icônes d'or is a contemporary take on GODIVA's iconic gold collection.

Chefs Jean and Ilse explored culinary trends du jour when dreaming up the recipes for the collection: "we were deeply inspired by the boundary-pushing ingredient pairings we are seeing in the modern culinary sphere", explains Chef Jean. Co-collaborator Chef Ilse adds: "aesthetically, we were thinking of spring and the rejuvenation, freshness and joy associated with the season."

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